ICE Vs. HEAT What’s Better for your pain?

ICE Vs. HEAT What’s Better for your pain?

ICE Vs. HEAT What’s Better for your pain?

Posted by Shiroya Spinetics | August 26, 2017 | Back pain
ice vs heat

Which is better,Read Some Information about ice vs heat in our article. Ice and heat are easy, natural, affordable ways to relieve pain. Ever wonder which one is better for your particular problem?
Here is what our experts recommend:

Worm-away cartilage in joints (Knee, shoulder, elbow fingers, etc.) ARTIRITIS Moist heat eases chronically stiff joints, relaxes tight muscles.
Chronic, inflammatory arthritis (big toe, instep ankle, heel, knee, wrist, finger, elbow, etc.) GOUT FLARE-UPS Ice calms flare-ups, numbs pain
Pain from nerves or blood vessels in the head or from muscles in the neck. HEADACHE Ice numbs throbbing head pain
Moist heat relaxes painful neck spasm
Pulled muscles or injured tendors in the thigh, back, calf, etc. STRAINS Ice eases inflammation (redness, swelling and or tenderness), numbs pain
Heat eases stiffness after inflammation resolves
Stretching or tearing of ligaments in joints like the knee, ankle, foot, elbow etc. SPRAINS Ice eases inflammation, numb pain Heat relieves stiffness after inflammation resolves
Acute irritation after activity in tendons attached to joints like the shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist, heels etc. TENDINITIS Ice eases inflammation, numb pain
Chronic irritation and stiffness in tendons attached to joints. TENDINOSIS Heat relieves stiffness after inflammation resolves
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